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Twelve hard indicators to marry a beauty

Twelve hard indicators to marry a beauty

Men like to look forward to beauties and think that they must find a beauties wife in the future.

They were sitting on seats facing the street, looking around from time to time, and blowing scattered cows about “beautiful women as wives”.

  Every beautiful woman has a very moisturizing feeling when her eyes light up.

Beautiful women are nourished by many beautiful soups, and they are moisturized. The highest state is probably a “jade” word. A woman named “Xiaoyu” always makes men want it.

  There is a delicate, beautifully carved smile on the beauties. The smile of Yu Yunying can make people chew up to five; or the splendid and brilliant, bright as the sun, coming and going freely, bright and upright, letting people see at a glance.

Today’s model selection contest, even a 15-year-old girl can master this difficult skill without a teacher.

  Of course, beauties are not the kind of men who can marry home.

A man who wants to marry a beautiful woman should first carefully touch the following regulations before drawing up your plan to marry the United States.

  1. Those who dare to marry a beautiful woman are generally both brave and extraordinary; you think that a beautiful woman is a pet on the earth, a precious flower, and it is always more difficult to raise than a normal woman.

Because beautiful women are difficult to raise, fussy, delicate, and everyone admires, they must have more entertainment, so men must first be generous and tolerant.

  2. Marrying a beautiful woman is like stock trading. You need to be adventurous, you have to have an expense, and you have to have a vision, knowing which shares can make money, and which shares are losing money.

There are many benefits to marrying a beauty, and the most superficial benefit is that it can “enhance your eyes”, which is good for eye health. Maybe you can extend your life.

  3, the person who dares to marry a beautiful woman must be a big husband who can bend and stretch. Beautiful women are eye-catching, sought-after, beautiful women have a temper, and are stingy. Therefore, people who marry beautiful women must have great powers, which can resolve family difficulties and understand external disputes.

  4. Beautiful women are not ordinary women. They are the “treasures” of women. As they are “treasures”, the requirements for husbands and families are unavoidable, so this also puts a lot of pressure on men who want to marry beautiful women, especially economic pressure andMental stress, especially economic stress.

So the man who dares to marry a beautiful woman must be a man who is motivated, has succeeded or desires success, and has the ability and hope to succeed.

  5. The person who dares to marry a beauty must be a man with a strong dedication.

Beauty is not a canary locked in a cage, it is not a coquettish hiding in a loft, nor is it a housewife, so men must be able to endure hardships; they must have sufficient time to accompany them to shopping and meet friends.

This also requires men to be handsome or bulging.

One cannot always say that a beauty is “a flower stuck in cow dung”.

  6, beauties must have a temper, to be a beauties wife, the most important thing is to have a set of unique skills to deal with beauties.

Beauty needs love and pain, and men need her vanity.

In addition, men must also find out the temper of beautiful women. The so-called “grabbing snakes and catching seven inches” should also have a set of “killers” to deal with the beauty.

  7. The beauty and pride of beauties are often rejected by people thousands of miles away, so that there are not many friends who know the beauty, and the seekers are sneaky and trembling, so based on this, it is not “horrifying” for a wise person to marry a beauties.Big thing.

As the saying goes, he is embarrassed and regretful.

  8. Marrying a beauty is like playing bungee jumping. There is no doubt about stimulation, but not everyone’s heart can bear it.

As a healthy man (at least, there is no lack of love for beauty), if you don’t want or want to marry a beautiful woman, it is easy to think of the sour fox under the grape rack.

  9. Beauty is moving away from civilians, just as elegant art surpasses the public.

Even those beauties who grew up in the alleys, some days, would jump off the back seat of a broken bike next to Amy’s neighbor, and dig into the Mercedes or BMW waiting at the alley.

Therefore, the opportunity is not lost, and no longer comes.

  10. The bad temper of beauties and large models is well-known. People with beautiful and beautiful temperaments will only appear in the rivers and lakes of Mr. Jin Yong or in the garden of Aunt Qiongyao. The beauties are a bit temperament like the celebrities who have a gossip from time to time.Their identities complement each other.

It depends on whether you have a broad mind and a very tolerant attitude.

  11. Some people say that a beautiful wife is like a new bicycle, and it is not practical to put it anywhere. This is not to worry that the car lock is not safe. It is mainly because the thief will remember it.

Even if you believe that a beautiful wife is immune to many temptations, today’s unscrupulous men are invincible. Maybe those guys are not as comprehensive as you, but there are many left-handed people and the willingness to work hard. In the long run, the consequences are a bit suspenseful.

Although the beauties got married and went home, the wind was not right and the outlook was unpredictable, depending on whether you could sleep peacefully every night.

  12, there is a beautiful wife at home, from time to time there will be good-hearted people half-truth patted your shoulder jokingly: “Your wife is so beautiful, be careful!

“When it comes to the key points, it stops abruptly. His look is enough to make you go home for a long time.

It can be described as unpredictable and awesome, and this requires your physical health, otherwise, you may not feel sick.

Fascinated with Yoga 3-style clavicle

Fascinated with Yoga 3-style clavicle

Every woman has a secret clavicle.

  A woman is soft and tender, like a pot of water.

The collarbone is actually the soul of a woman.

It’s so soft on a woman’s body, the thinner and the more elven the girl, the more prominent the clavicle.

Without the collarbone, a woman loses that spirituality.

  The most popular body part of Korean beauty is the clavicle.

Among the many “clavicle beauties”, Jian Meiyan has her own skinny characteristics to occupy a place in this evaluation.

At the same time, in order to stay at the forefront of fashion, the famous Korean actress Song Hye Kyo changed her cute image in the past and tried to show her sexy collarbone.

  The clavicle has been the highest standard for identifying beautiful women since ancient times. Two aligned transverse bones above the two peaks below the neck of two necks make the neck flow charmingly, and spring is suddenly born; the standard of the clavicle should be delicate enoughThin but not abrupt.

The representative character of the clavicle beauty is none other than Zhang Manyu. In “The Mood for Love”, the exquisite cheongsam and charming collarbone, the classic oriental woman’s breath spurts out.

  Some people’s clavicle lines are inherently sexy, and certain exercise methods can make your clavicle lines more bumpy and charming.

Chen Chaoqi, a senior Chinese yoga instructor with a Chinese bodybuilder and a strong bodybuilder, said that to cultivate a clavicle style, you need to practice a slender alternative, with rounded shoulders, an open and stretched tibia, and straight forward.A comprehensive exercise.

  The perfect clavicle shoulder has the following characteristics: the clavicle fossa is moderate in depth, the clavicle lines are clear and straight, the shoulder is full and round but not bloated, and there is a little muscle, and it can maintain visual elasticity.

Being too thin or surrounded by a few clavicles can be improved with plastic training.

  Chen Chaoqi said that there is no special posture for practicing clavicle, but only slender, shoulders sinking, chest widened, and the clavicle is naturally charming. “A woman without a chest shrug will have a beautiful clavicle.

“Cultivation secrets: 1. Cobra: This is a yoga movement.

This kind of shape is very good for the collarbone and shoulder shape.

  Action points: The body should be flat on the mat, both hands should support the upper body, the fingertips should be forward, and the lower abdomen should be tightly attached to the pad while leaning back to bend the spine into a c-shape for 30 seconds.

  2. Back push-ups: This is a training exercise aimed at the chest, shoulders, back, abdomen and hips.

  Action points: sit on the mat, hold your hands and heels on the ground, straighten your legs, keep your wrists aligned with your shoulders, keep your fingers straight, keep your body straight, bend your elbow, and lower your body by a few centimeters.Abdomen is tense, then support your body.

  3, sitting posture referral: shoulder shape.

  Action points: Sit on the chair with the back flat against the back of the chair, hold the handle with both hands, and push up. After the arm is straight, slowly lower it until the elbow joint is parallel to the shoulder joint, and then push up.

Test how much you value love

Test how much you value love

Translation: In the office ecology of open fights, there is always something intriguing. When you face the desperate suppression of your opponents, what will you do?


Unwilling to show weakness, counterattack back 2.

Depending on the subject, consider whether to fight back 3.

Stay away from right and wrong, 4 away.

I think I’m stunned, and I’m not talking. Analysis of results: 1.

Choosing “Not to be outdone, to fight back” is slightly impulsive in your emotional expression, and you can be considered a love supremacist.

As long as love is talked about, the six gods have no master like the soul, and they often disregard everything. The expression of emotions and behaviors will also change the ups and downs of love and change, then you can become the supreme potential of love.


Choosing “depend on the subject and consider whether to fight back” You are a smart person. In the process of love, you can still maintain a clear mind, and a slightly rational emotional model often makes the other person feel that you are not romantic enough.

In your mind, career and love are equally important, so you are also quite suitable for a blind date to marry.


Choose “Keep away from right and wrong, and leave” Love is not the most important thing for you. Friends and family are often the people who affect you the most, so you in love, although there are occasions when you are serious and light, But the frequency is not high, so your love partner may feel that you are not paying enough attention, which will cause your romance process to be cold and hot, as if March is warm.


In the case of “self-confidence and sullenness”, in the case of adversity, you need a stable love to support it. Therefore, love is very important to you, and it may even become the center of your life.Yigui, so it’s no exaggeration to say that you are a supremacy of love.

However, I am advised not to rely too much on love, because there are many things worth pursuing in life.

No matter how young the child is, let him manage his own money

No matter how young the child is, let him manage his own money

Internationally certified financial adviser, chartered financial planner, and Hong Kong financial planner elected “Silver Award” and “Outstanding Performance Award” winners. He currently lives in Hong Kong and has a 2-year-old son.

  ”How to make the most effective use of money is to think and experience in the process of using it. Will there be no candy to eat because of buying stationery, or no new stationery to use because of buying candy? All the trade-offs should be determined by the child.
“A mother’s child often steals money. The mother feels helpless and unbearable. I really don’t know what to do?

She said that this happened again and again, and the pocket money was never given away. Why did you steal it?

What is he doing to steal money?

Is it enough?

Questions and anxieties kept emerging, and the Indian woman’s worries and anxieties were not difficult to understand.

  Money is invisible. When I have heard of this mother’s pregnancy, I ask her: Is the money in a place that children cannot see?

Do you manage your money first? How much does he get?

How many times have you taken it?

Are these details clear?

It turned out that the mother kept her money in a conspicuous place, such as on a table and a chair, and sometimes in a shopping bag.

All in all, the place where she puts money is easy for her children to get and see.

Even if the amount and frequency of the money were taken, the mother was right and could not answer!

  In the cases I have contacted, these mothers, nine out of ten, are not good at financial management, money is scattered everywhere, and their attitude towards money is loose. Casual people are just because money is so easy to get, and they only take a little bit,The mother should not find that the child knows why she committed the crime, and she cannot defeat the temptation. An objective analysis of this situation, the mother must bear at least half of the responsibility, right?

  In the children ‘s world, having money is equal to having power. If you have money, you can invite friends to eat candy. You can buy your favorite toys and play with your friends. You can buy favorite stationery and share them with your friends.Being affirmed and accepted, this is what children have been pursuing!

Regarding the charm of money, Mo is an adult. Even a small child, once they feel it, they have a sense of appetite and make mistakes constantly. Therefore, the money should be placed in a place that the child cannot get and cannot see. As a parent, money is good.Proper management is very important.

  Parental intervention on how children use pocket money Each family gives their children pocket money in different ways. Some are fixed monthly, some are given once, some are given to children when they ask for money, and some are good.Only as a reward.

Either way, it cannot be said to be absolutely good or absolutely bad, as long as you and your child agree to replace it, but in any case, the basic principle is to allow the child to have a certain degree of “right to use” money.
Children also have a social circle, a sky of their own, and occasionally go to ice cream with friends.

Buy books and toys and watch or exchange each other. At these times, the child has no free money, so he can’t communicate and play with other children, or even be replaced.

For children, playing with children is happier and more important than anything. Therefore, as a parent, you should give your child a little pocket money. For the way of using money, mothers also say more about it. SinceIt is for the children to handle it with their own discretion. Children should not buy books or candy.

Buying toys, etc., all add more opinions.

How to make the most effective use of money is to think and experience in the process of using it. Will there be no candy to eat because of buying stationery, or no new stationery because of buying candy? All the trade-offs should be determined by the child.

There are four major harms to eating too much vegetables

There are four major harms to eating too much vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Eating the right amount of vegetables can promote peristalsis in the body, promote defecation, provide micronutrients required by the body, exert antioxidant effects and ensure the normal function of human organs, but too many vegetables will have the following harm: some vegetables contain extreme oxalic acidEasy to form stones Spinach, celery, tomatoes, etc. contain too much oxalic acid. When combined with calcium in other foods, calcium oxalate stones are easily formed. This is one of the reasons that many women who like to eat vegetarians are susceptible to stone disease.

Prone to aggravate stone disease Most vegetables are alkaline foods. For patients who have been doped with calcium phosphate stones, eating a large amount of alkaline foods daily can increase the stones and is not easy to excrete.

Difficult to digest vegetables with high crude fiber content, such as celery, spring bamboo shoots, etc., it is difficult to digest after eating a large amount, and patients with digestive diseases should not eat more.

Crude fiber can also easily cause gastric bleeding or esophageal varices bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis, and aggravate the condition.

Affects calcium and zinc absorption. Pregnant women, children and adolescents during growth and development. A large intake of vegetables will prevent calcium and zinc absorption in the body and affect children’s intellectual development and bone growth.

Beware of eleven computer diseases that can be deadly

Beware of eleven computer diseases that can be deadly

While enjoying the high speed and convenience brought by computers, white-collar workers also frequently encountered the leakage of “computer diseases”: cervical spondylosis, dry eye disease, mouse hands, carrot legs.

We are gradually approaching us and hurt us.

It can be seen that it is imminent to understand “computer disease” and introduce “computer disease”.

Now see if you have committed these “computer symptoms.”

  Computer Symptoms (1): Causes of Screen Face Diseases: No matter big things or small things, all rely on computer records, expressionless, dull complexion.

  Mitigation methods: 1.

Do not place sundries around the computer, so as not to attract dust to the skin; 2.

Rub some moisturizer before using the computer; 3.

Clean the keyboard frequently.

  A recent study found that yogurt also has the effect of reducing radiation damage and inhibiting the decline of human lymphocytes after radiation.

Drink yogurt after lunch to reduce computer radiation damage. How the “computer family” has healthy and beautiful skin: In order for the computer family to have healthy and beautiful skin, it must be adequately protected and conditioned according to the causes of skin problems.

  Computer Symptoms (2): Cause of Radish Leg: Often sitting all day can swell your legs and vascular lesions on your calves, which may be a precursor to varicose veins.

  Mitigation methods: 1.

Once acidity is found in the legs, bloating should be treated promptly; 2.

Stand up every 10 hours for 10 simple squat exercises to improve venous return in the lower limbs.

  Computer Symptoms (III): Causes of Mouse Hand Causes: Extended overtime work for several consecutive years, pain in the index or middle finger, numbness, slow and weak muscle response in the thumb, triggering “wrist joint syndrome”.

  Mitigation methods: 1.

Avoid continuous fixed upper limbs, mechanical and alternative activities; 2.

When using the mouse, do not suspend your arms to reduce the pressure on your wrist; 3.

Do not hit the keyboard and mouse buttons too hard.

  Computer Symptoms (4): Causes of Cervical Spondylosis: If you use the computer to stand high and cover, lower your head, you will feel back pain and numb shoulders after working for 1 hour.

  Mitigation methods: 1.

Keep the cervical spine warm in the air-conditioned room; 2.

The pillows are slightly lower, and the computer desk should not exceed 70 cm; 3.

Adhere to cervical spine exercises twice a day.

  Computer Symptoms (5): Causes of Dry Eye Disease: Stare at the computer intently within 8 hours, go home and continue to fight in “online games”, eyes are sore and dry, and eventually cause dry eye disease.

  Mitigation method: 1. It should be more than 70 centimeters away from the monitor. 2. Adjust the screen brightness to a proper level. 3. When working, the brightness of the room should be the same as the screen brightness.

  Computer Symptoms (6): Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Cause: The display is too hot, and there will be quite a lot of electromagnetic radiation during work. It causes the ionization of the air, constantly generates positive ions (positive ions), and continuously interacts with the air.The neutralization of the negative ions causes the content of negative ions to be almost zero. It has been in an environment with too many positive ions for a long time, which causes insomnia, decreased immunity, and endocrine disorders in women.

  Mitigation methods: 1. Carefully clean the office environment; 2. Do not point the back of your monitor to the back of your colleague or the side of your body; 3, drink green tea often; wash your face frequently; 4, place a pot under the computer deskPlants or water can absorb the electromagnetic waves emitted by the computer; 5, try using an LCD monitor.

  Computer Symptoms (7): Causes of skin allergies: An electrostatic field will form around the display when it is turned on. It will almost absorb the dust suspended in the air in the entire room into its own field, which will cause skin and skin irritation.Allergies and rashes appear.

  Mitigation methods: 1. Don’t place piles of paper and documents around the computer; 2, wipe the surface of the computer desk with a damp cloth dipped in antistatic agent; 3, often open the window for ventilation; 4, place a pot of cactus on the computer table, Because the needles of the cactus can absorb dust; 5, often clean the keyboard, wash hands before eating and use the keyboard before use, cover the keyboard with a cloth when not in use.

  Computer sickness (8): Brain function decline Cause: The personal computer is expanding, and people are being more and more damaged by memory loss. As a result, they rely too much on computers, which weakens their brain functions.
  Relief methods: 1. Ensure adequate sleep; meditation practice.

  2. It is best to have 20-30 minutes every day to meditate on the easy and beautiful things in life, listen to the rhythm of your breathing, and relax your emotions as much as possible; 3, learn to use Wubi input method, do not always use intelligent pinyin associative input method4, change the unhealthy diet structure, eat more brain food.

  Computer Symptoms (9): Causes of Computer Depression: Long-term computer operations have formed a “none or another” mindset. They are not used to reaching compromises and understandings with people, losing self-confidence, suffering fatigue, and making it difficult to start work.

  Mitigation methods: 1. Do a good job of self-psychological adjustment and correct thinking in a timely manner; 2. Actively deal with interpersonal relationships, especially relationships with colleagues.

  Computer Symptoms (10): Causes of Computer Mania: Due to over-reliance on computers, when a computer fails, it will cause nervousness, emotional irritability, restlessness, and even serious use of force on the computer, such as by hitting hardThe keyboard, mouse, scolding the computer, smashing the computer and other ways to vent anger, and some of the dissatisfaction vented on family members or colleagues.

  Mitigation methods: 1. Once a computer malfunction occurs, immediately find a professional to repair it. Avoid sitting alone at the computer desk, restore sight and attention as soon as possible, relax; 2, save working documents at any time, use mobile hard disks to back up data. OnceIf there is a problem with the computer, you will not suffer too much loss, and your emotions will not suddenly get out of control. , 3. Don’t sit in front of the computer externally, walk away for a cup of tea, coffee or activities at intervals.  Computer Symptoms (11): Causes of Central Nervous Disorders: 70% incidence. Continuously operating a computer in a closed environment. Microwaves emitted by the computer cause central nervous disorders. Symptoms after operating the computer for many days in a row: headacheDizziness, insomnia, anorexia, nausea, and low mood, sluggish thinking, forgetfulness, easy to be irritated, often tired, etc.

  Mitigation methods: 1. Make sure that there is sufficient lighting and ventilation near the computer desk. 2. Walk away and rest for 10 minutes every hour when you work in front of the computer. Drink plenty of water during the computer operation.

The first snack to warm up in the cold winter: chestnuts

The first snack to warm up in the cold winter: chestnuts

The first snack to warm up in the cold winter: chestnuts Recommended reason: The north is famous for its sugar fried chestnuts, and it is also listed in winter.

Chestnuts are known as the “King of Thousand Fruits”, or a “tonic” to nourish the kidney and qi.

The main effect of chestnut is to nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, nourish the kidney and strengthen the gluten, and be appropriate for all ages.

Modern medical research has found that the unsaturated fatty acids and various vitamins contained in chestnut have anti-hypertensive, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis effects.

  The best way to eat: those with spleen and stomach deficiency, can use chestnuts, jujube, poria, rice porridge to drink; whether it is soup or stir-fried, you should chew it carefully and swallow lianjin fluid to achieve a better effect.

  Best match: Chestnut stewed chicken, suitable for people with spleen deficiency and cold, and beneficial to Qi and kidney.

The more red the tomatoes, the more nutritious

The more red the tomatoes, the more nutritious

Tomatoes are one of the vegetables we eat most daily. Most people only know that it is rich in vitamins, but what benefits does it have for health? Some tomatoes have the highest nutritional content. What can we do to make up for the nutrition when we cook it?Many people are unclear.

  The main nutrition in tomatoes is vitamins. Among them, the most important and the most abundant is one of carotene, lycopene.

Scientists have made many new breakthroughs in the research on the health effects of lycopene, which have been proven to include: unique antioxidant capacity, which can remove free radicals that cause aging and disease in the human body; prevent cardiovascular disease; preventThe cancerous process of the prostate gland effectively reduces the risk of diabetes, corrects cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, cancer and other cancers.

  Tomato varieties, color, maturity, sweetness, and even different production seasons are all important reasons for determining lycopene content.

Yellow varieties of tomatoes contain very little lycopene, containing only 0 per 100 grams.

3 mg; red varieties of tomatoes have a higher content, generally containing 2-3 mg per 100 grams, up to 20 mg.

Generally, the redder the tomato color, the lycopene content is reached, and the relative content of lycopene in immature and semi-ripe cyan tomatoes.

There is also a pink tomato on the market, and the lycopene content is not as high as red.


hzh {display: none; }  番茄红素的含量与西红柿中可溶性糖的含量是负相关的关系,也就是说,越是不甜的西红柿,其中番茄红素含量越高。In addition, the lycopene content of tomatoes produced in summer is relatively high, which is mainly due to the abundant sunlight and long light time in summer, which will greatly increase the lycopene content; while the tomatoes grown in greenhouses in winter, the lycopene contentRelatively low.

  An adult consumes 100-200 grams of tomatoes a day, which can meet the body’s needs for lycopene.

But many people like to eat tomatoes raw. This is not conducive to the absorption of lycopene, because it is a fat-soluble vitamin. After heating and cooking with fat, it is more conducive to exerting its health benefits.

As lycopene is exposed to light, heat and oxygen are easily decomposed, and high-temperature heating should be avoided during cooking to retain more nutrients.

Cover the pot tightly when cooking, and add a little vinegar to protect it from being damaged by oxygen.

Seated posture

Seated posture

Yoga believes that continuous practice of sitting can make life safe and comprehensive: practicing sitting and body control can keep the body free of diseases; practicing sitting and mouth can control the senses and make it worry-free; practicing sitting peace and controlMake it safe.

  Far-end (1) Body stability: The sitting methods, especially the seven-seat sitting method, can be used to hold the air: 气 to adjust the income, to sit at a uniform body temperature; straighten the spine, relax the diaphragm, so that the aura can spread throughout the body;The curved neck is like a hook to breathe out; the upper tongue of the tongue, looking forward, can be injected into the midrib through the spiritual force of air injection; five kinds of spiritual breath, that is, ascending, descending, parallel deflection, vital energy, implanted from the air, settled in the midrib, Can get body safety, can eliminate diseases.

To be specific: Sit back and relax, connecting the downward Qi easily enters the midribs, except for the troubles; placing the fingerprints under the umbilicus, continuous parallel Qi easily enters the midribs, eliminating the troubles; curved neck like a hook, connecting the ascending Qi to enter the midribs, removing the worries;The upper jaw can be used to ease the mission into the midrib and remove the troubles.

  (2) Mouth-settling: The seven sittings, especially the seven-seat sitting, can calm down and breathe: silence, exhaling the old breath, recovering the new breath, and gaining peace of mouth; calm mouth, generally referring to the five senses, the impression caused by the five senses,Do n’t explain, do n’t say wrong, because if you say right and wrong, that is to fall on both sides instead of the middle way; only the middle way can not move your heart, separate delusions, and enter the state of meditative silence. This state, like a sleeping baby, is the most stable,Without being drowsy, one must not mistaken drowsiness as meditation.

Mouth stabilization is actually the best functioning state of the sense organs, namely health.

  (3) Peace of mind: The sitting methods, especially the seven sitting methods, can calm down the mind: Those who practice meditation should not want the past, the future, or the army to meditate now.The concept of emptiness and non-emptiness should be right and wrong, the magical effect of vacuum, the double-lighting, and the wonderful approach; make one heart, and the heart is not out of the way; those who are not out of the heart, including the heart, the mouth, and the mind, are fully clean.

In this practice of yoga, body, mouth and mind are dependent on each other and cannot be separated.

Ease of stability is the best state of mind.

  (4) Four Stables: Yoga believes that continuous practice of sitting can transform life into a comprehensive and healthy one: practicing sitting and body control can make the body free of diseases; practicing sitting and mouth can control the senses and make it worry-free; practicing sittingPeace of mind can control the spirit and make it harmless; perseveringly practicing, guarding the three parties, the mission is prolonged.

Therefore, physical fitness, good mouth, clear meaning, and long life are the four security effects of practicing sitting.

Expressed in modern language, refining can make your life healthy, your mind and body safe, and your illness and life long.

Four medicated diets for easily treating spring colds

Four medicated diets for easily treating spring colds

People who are busy in the New Year often work overtime. Irregular work schedules can easily cause flu. What should I do if I get a cold in the cold winter?

The cold is divided into wind, cold and cold, and different cold treatment methods are different. Here are some food and cold treatment methods for the cold and cold.

  First, perilla peppermint porridge 6 grams of perilla, mint 4.

5 grams, 6 grams of ginger, 70 grams of previous rice.

Wash and chop perilla and mint, and boil it with ginger for a while, then take it while hot.

This side has the functions of scattered wind and cold, adjusting the health, and warming the stomach.

  Second, flour pink sugar porridge wheat flour, water, warm until porridge is cooked.

5 slices of ginger, 2 scallions onion, crushed into puree, brown sugar in moderation.

Add ginger, scallion, and brown sugar to the boiling hot porridge. Take the heat and add the sweat.

This side is especially suitable for those with deficiency of spleen and stomach and feeling cold.

  Third, Xinyi flower tea Xinyi flower 2 grams, Su Ye 6 grams.

In the spring, unopened Xinyi flower buds are collected and dried to half dry, piled up and dried after the internal heat, chopped perilla leaves, and soaked in white water to replace the tea.

1 dose daily.

This medicinal tea has the effects of removing wind and dispersing cold, and being good at easing the lungs, and is suitable for aversion to fever, cough and nasal congestion.

  Four or three white porridge, white radish, 100 grams, white radish root, 60 grams, and even beard onion, 20 grams.

Wash them all in the soil, pound them like mud, add brown sugar, flour, cold water, heat and boil.

This porridge has the effect of declaring the lungs and can be used for adjuvant treatment.