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Tomato summer alternative: tomato ice cream

Tomato summer alternative: tomato ice cream

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients, and eating more is good.

Traditionally, the practice of tomatoes is mainly cold, soup, scrambled eggs.

Here, I will introduce a few summer alternatives for tomatoes. While a large number of summer tomatoes are on the market, it does not prevent you from trying to make more tricks.

  Tomato ice drink ingredients: 500 grams of tomatoes, 100 grams of sugar.

  Production method: ① Select fresh and ripe tomatoes, cut into small pieces after washing, mix with white sugar, marinate for two hours, wait for the marinated juice to set aside; ② Put it in an ice tray and freeze it into ice cubes in the refrigerator.

  Features: bright red color, sweet and sour, appetizing and promoting appetite.

  Ingredients for tomato ice cream: 100 grams of tomato, 100 grams of milk, 30 grams of cream, 70 grams of water, two eggs, 50 grams of sugar, and flavor.

  Production method: ① Wash and peel the tomatoes, cut into pieces, add water and boil them into sauce for later use, and boil the milk for later use.

② Add the sugar and eggs to the slightly cool tomato juice, stir while adding, then add milk, stir well and set aside.

③ Heat the mixture, filter, cool, add cream, flavor, and mix well.

④ Frozen the above mixed liquid in the refrigerator, and stir it often, and it can be eaten after freezing.

  Features: Sweet and sour, delicious tomato flavor, not greasy to eat.

  Ingredients for tomato porridge: 250 grams of tomatoes, 200 grams of previous rice (or glutinous rice), 150 grams of sugar, and 1,000 grams of water.

  Production method: ① Wash the tomatoes first, peel off the skin, and cut into small cubes.

② Add rice to the water to cook porridge.

③ Add sugar and tomato to rice porridge, continue to boil for a while, and pour out to cool.

④ Store the porridge in the refrigerator and use it for food.

  Features: Sweet and sour, delicious, has the effect of refreshing and quenching thirst, strengthening the stomach and digesting food.

Want to iron, meat floss is better than lean meat!

Want to iron, meat floss is better than lean meat!

Too many people classify meat floss as “junk food” and think it’s not nutritious.

In fact, pork floss is not only delicious and delicious, but also some nutritional components even lean meat after processing.

Lean meat such as pork, beef, chicken and fish can be processed into floss.


hzh {display: none; }  肉松的加工中,不仅浓缩了产能营养素,也浓缩了不少矿物质。For example, pig lean meat originally contains a certain amount of iron. After concentration, the iron content in pork floss is higher than that of pig lean meat, so it is a good iron supplement and some minerals.

  In the process of processing meat into floss, in addition to heating to destroy some of the B vitamins, other nutrients were hardly lost.

The frying process rids the water, while the reduced water concentrates the nutrients.

Therefore, the protein and trace content of meat floss are higher than pork lean meat.

Because no white sugar has been added during the processing, the low content of calcium carbonate in the lean meat must have increased a lot.

  However, it should be noted that pig lean meat itself contains a certain amount of sodium ions, and a large amount of soy sauce brings a considerable amount of sodium ions, so friends who need to limit salt in their diet should eat less.

Some pork floss also adds a little flavor, which is more fragrant, but it also brings a lot of energy.

Meat floss is much higher than lean meat, which is a high-energy food, and the amount and frequency of eating must be controlled.

Shrimp skin is nutritious and delicious

Shrimp skin is nutritious and delicious

Shrimp skin is rich in nutrition, known as the “calcium warehouse”, and it is an excellent calcium supplement at an affordable price.

According to the literature, shrimp skin also has appetizers, phlegm and other effects.

Here are several ways to eat shrimp skin as follows: First, fried winter melon with shrimp skin: 500 grams of winter melon peeled and sliced, 70 grams of shrimp skin, sesame oil, salt, pepper, onion, MSG each amount.

Fry the peppercorns with sesame oil to scent, add green onions, melon, and shrimp skins, mix in salt, and MSG.

It has the functions of clearing heat, relieving heat, resolving turbidity, appetizing and so on, and has curative effects on edema, fullness, asthma, hemorrhoids, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.

  2. Fried Leek with Shrimp Skin: Wash and cut 250 grams of chives, 60 grams of shrimp skin, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, MSG, each amount, stir-fry the shrimp skin with sesame oil, add leek, soy sauce, salt and stir-fry.

It has the effect of appetizing and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the kidney and impotence, and is suitable for the symptoms of loss of appetite, impotence, premature ejaculation, and thin semen.

  3. Coriander with shrimp skin: Wash and cut 300 grams of coriander, 50 grams of shrimp skin, add salt, sesame oil, MSG and mix well.

The fragrance is refreshing and unique.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney and impotence, expelling wind and detoxifying, and has curative effects on nocturnal emission, impotence, indigestion and poor measles.

  4. Mix green pepper with shrimp skin: Wash and shred 350 grams of green pepper, 60 grams of shrimp skin, add salt, vinegar, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate and mix well.

It has the effects of appetizing and digesting, nourishing kidney and yang, and rheumatism, and has symptoms of indigestion, osteoporosis, and chondrosis.

  5. Shredded shrimp skin radish: 250 grams of white radish, shredded, 50 grams of shrimp skin, washed and chopped coriander, salt, sesame oil, cooking wine, spring onion, MSG each amount.

First fry the shallots with sesame oil, add shredded radish, shrimp skin, and parsley, and then add salt, cooking wine, and MSG to eat.

It has the effect of reducing bloating, expectorant, stagnation of food, and facilitates urination.

Understanding safety education to keep children away from harm

Understanding safety education to keep children away from harm

“Safety education must not only prevent children from being harmed by themselves, but also teach them not to harm others.

“The only hundred-day-old baby girl who came to the world was unfortunately smashed into the arms of her mother by a brick that fell from the sky. The perpetrator was a 12-year-old boy who threw the brick in his hand when he and his brother fought each other .… This is a tragedy that happened in Guangzhou a few days ago. Both the perpetrator and the victim’s family suffered great blows. The safety of the child once again caused parents’ alarm.

Phenomenon: passive avoidance, more active education, less “Hao Hao, don’t move scissors, it’s dangerous.

“Seeing that the three-year-old son was removing the scissors from the insertion, Ms. Hao Hao hurried over to seize the” dangerous goods “and put it on the high cabinet to prevent her son from getting it again.

However, Hao Hao was always curious. Finally, one day, while his mother was not home, he moved to the stool and tried to climb up to pick up the “bright thing”. As a result, the stool was crooked and Hao Hao fell . In life, parentsThe care of children is meticulous. To prevent children from being harmed, they often take many protective measures. However, children’s curiosity and desire to grow drive them to constantly explore the world around them. Therefore, an absolutely safe environment does not exist.Of course, if we just take passive measures and avoid them blindly, it will only make people feel defenseless.

Some parents even do what they should have done for their children, strictly restricting their children’s various activities, depriving them of opportunities to improve their ability to protect themselves through practical exercises, but many accidents should have occurred.

In fact, in the process of child growth, the best way is to actively teach the child knowledge and methods to avoid harm, enhance the child’s self-protection ability, and give the child real safety.

In the above case, if the parents do not simply prevent or take the initiative to take the children’s special scissors and teach them how to use them, it will satisfy the child’s curiosity and prevent accidents.

Parents’ experience: Safety education has been more than four years old for his son Feifei. We have been instilling safety knowledge in him since he was a little sensible.

When he was a kid, he liked to eat and play, and laughed aloud. I seriously warned him not to laugh while eating; when he would climb up, he could eliminate him from climbing the windowsill and tell him that some children had an accident and let himKnowing this is dangerous; when he was two years old, he was asked to remember his parents’ names and home phone and address; when he was in the elevator, he was asked to press the number keys himself, and taught him how to find an alarm bell and ask for help, and so on.

Our safety education was effective. During a shopping trip, Feifei successfully escaped from danger and returned to us. However, I still feel scared when I think about it.

It was a Sunday. There were a lot of people in the mall. I do n’t know when Feifei who was behind me disappeared. As I was looking around like crazy, Feifei heard from the mall radio. He was waiting for me in the broadcast room.

It turned out that Feifei accidentally lost me when I picked my clothes.

However, he was not afraid, and even calmly found the uncle in the mall, begging him to help him find his mother.

We usually tell him that in case of danger outside, find someone in uniform, this time it really works.

Safety education must be carried out from a young age. I will not regret it until the child has a problem. I also remind parents that when they go out with their children, they must be in your field of vision and never let their children follow.

How to seize your promotion in the workplace

How to seize your promotion in the workplace

If you are a transparent person, you can freely move around. No one can know what you are doing. With such infinite power, what would you want to do?

A, stealing valuables B, engaging in sabotage, doing some perverted bad things C, approaching admired people D, mischief, and playing a harmless jokeAnswer analysis: A, stealing valuables, choose A: your ambition, Want to eat something, whether it is power or interest, you do not want to let go.

These attempts are also in the eyes of the supervisor, but as long as you are an individual, the boss will certainly not treat you badly.

You must first create your greatest advantage, strive to perform, and get a high score before you have the opportunity to negotiate with others.

But you can’t be too complacent. If you meet a boss who doesn’t cherish talent, you might think of some ways to kill your spirit.

B, do damage everywhere, do some perverted bad things. The person who chooses B: you have a good sense of consciousness, so you never want to be wronged.

If any difference is reasonable, you will immediately reject the grievance.

However, you also look at people very well, you will first observe whether the supervisor belongs to a certain role before deciding whether to succumb.

Sometimes, you also know that you should close your mouth first, make some good results, and then, at the right time, expect the benefits you deserve.

C, people who are close to admiration Choose C: You are a bit greedy, but only in the permissible part, you will speak by hand.

Normally, you will restrain your desires, and even if you feel that you have suffered an unfair price, you will still bear it.

Regarding the superiors, they still respect the authority of the other party and will not surpass.

You silently look forward to the emergence of axioms, and believe that as long as you keep working hard, you will always find your value and contribution.

D, a prank, some harmless little joke. The person who chose D: You seem to be a hermit master, and the battle in the office will never be destroyed and the last step, because you simply do not want to be here.

When it comes to personnel changes, you always stay out of it and don’t care about it, because you don’t like too complicated personnel struggles, so you don’t express it intentionally.

You’re afraid of being drawn into the vortex of fighting for power, and would rather keep your own job and be a clerk in peace.

If you want to be promoted, you have to see if your boss has such a vision.

Can taking vitamin capsules replace fruits?

Can taking vitamin capsules replace fruits?

Netizen: I heard from a supermarket salesperson that middle-aged and elderly people’s absorptive capacity has deteriorated, they cannot eat enough vitamins during mealtimes, rough skin, and early white hair are related to vitamin deficiency.

So I bought some vitamin capsules.

Is it not necessary to eat fruit every day to eat it?

  Professor Cai Donglian, director of the nutrition department of Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, said: The salesperson was wrong.

Rough skin and incomplete white hair are related to lack of vitamins, and simply taking a multivitamin capsule will not solve the problem.

Conversely, if you are healthy and have a reasonable diet, you don’t need to eat nutritional supplements, and people who can’t meet the requirements of the diet can take nutritional supplements in moderation.

  Specifically: 250-450 grams of staple food, 500 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of fruits, 200-250 grams of animal food (including 100 grams of fish, 50 grams of meat, 50 grams of poultry, and 1 egg), and 300 ml of milk.

Common mistakes of novice parents in baby care

Common mistakes of novice parents in baby care

Daily care for babies under one year old is very important. If the care is not correct or wrong, it will also bring harm to the healthy development of the baby. Many parents have mistakes in baby care.

What are the common mistakes of novice parents in baby care?

The following editors will answer the common mistakes in baby care.

  1. Turn on the lights to sleep and turn off the lights to sleep.

The light at the bedside almost affects the baby’s sleep quality and then affects vision development.

Any artificial light source will produce a faint light pressure on the human body. This kind of light pressure persists for a long time, causing infants and young children to be worried, nervous, and difficult to sleep.

Sleeping in the light for a long time will affect the mesh activation system of the eyes, resulting in shortened sleep time, lighter sleep depth, and easier to wake up.

The proportion of babies sleeping in the light to those sleeping in the dark is 4 times higher than the incidence of myopia.

  2, wear too much clothes to sleep should not wear too hot.

The high humidity of the quilt and the strong metabolism of the baby can easily cause “smoldering syndrome”, which can cause the baby to sweat and even collapse.

Similarly, the use of electric blankets can easily affect health due to mild dehydration caused by high temperatures.

  3. Waking the sleeping baby to urinate the baby’s sleep is very important. If the baby’s precious sleep is sacrificed just to not cause his little ass, then it is worth the loss.

Choose high-quality diapers to protect your baby’s ass. If your baby is wet and uncomfortable, he will cry to remind you to change in time.

When babies at the age of two or three are urinating at night, some of them already know how to call others, and some of them will naturally wake up when they have urine, and there is no need to wake them up.

  4. Fix the sleeping position of the newborn baby. In the newborn’s birth, the infant remains in the fetal position and his limbs are still curled. In order to help him swallow some of the water and mucus solution in the birth canal, he should still take a low-lying position within 24 hours after birth.

The long-term supine position of the child’s head is deformed. The correct way is to often turn over for the baby. This time, the sleeping position should lie down next time and then lie down again, so that the baby’s head shape will look well.

After feeding, pay attention to do not lie on your side, so as not to spit milk into the trachea.

When lying on the left and right sides, be careful not to press the contour of the child’s ears forward, otherwise the auricles are often folded and easily deformed.

  5, milk powder brewed too thick milk powder should not be too thick or too light.

The sodium content of milk is twice that of the human body. The more the milk concentration exceeds sodium, the infant’s blood sodium concentration is likely to increase, causing constipation, increased blood pressure and even convulsions, coma and other symptoms.

  6. Feed solid food with a baby bottle and solid food with a small spoon.

Too many parents are afraid of trouble, or worry that the baby is eating too little. Fill solid food such as rice noodles into soft milk bottles to feed the baby.

This may increase your baby’s food intake, cause her to be overweight, and also lose her chance to practice chewing.

In fact, one of the important purposes of babies eating solid food is to let the baby understand the process of eating.

  7. Feed the eggs prematurely. Feed only the yolks within 4 months.

Egg whites and films contain allergens, which are consumed prematurely by babies, which can easily cause allergic diseases such as eczema and urticaria.

Babies with milk moles and diaper rashes may experience repeated symptoms and aggravation after eating eggs.

  8. Add premature foods at least prematurely. Wait at least 4 months before adding supplements.

Breast milk is the perfect natural nutrition and drink for babies. It provides all the nutrients your baby needs, including water and most vitamins.

Therefore, for infants less than 4 months old, pure milk replacement does not require additional water and other beverages.

  The above-mentioned several issues about baby care are many mistakes that novice parents are prone to make mistakes. Parents must pay attention to some mistakes that are not conducive to the healthy growth and development of the baby. If the above errors exist, parents should make timely improvements.

Home health: four small moves to keep you away from fatigue

Home health: four small moves to keep you away from fatigue

Maintenance: The change from the fatigue season through yoga practice affects the endocrine system of the body, and our emotions unknowingly enter a period of low tide-tiredness, sleepiness, listlessness, and occasionally neurological headaches.

If you add the stress of work and the placement of life chores, you can easily develop fatigue syndrome.

  Take a deep breath, meditate, and meditate . 6 yoga moves, practice every day, persist for about a week, you will find that fatigue and fatigue are swept away, and your physiology is relaxed!

  Recommended posture 1: Skyscraper posture ● Stand with your feet apart; ● Inhale, tiptoe, arms crossed, tilt your body up above your head; ● Exhale, slowly touch your heels to the ground, and stretch backwards adjacently; ● Inhale, Lift your heels and lift your body upwards; ● Exhale, open your arms sideways.

  Recommended posture 2: Dance style ● Fold your feet and look at the ground in front of you, lift your right foot and hold it with your right hand; 保持 ● Hold the posture for 6 breaths; ● Inhale and hold the trunk with your left hand (you can support the opening or door frame at home) to form a dance style.

Keep your posture and limit your time to feeling comfortable; ● Put your right foot back on the ground, slowly lower your arms, and breathe normally.

Change sides and repeat the exercise.

  Recommended posture 3: Squat lotus ● Half-squat, breathing evenly; ● Inhale, toe tipped, exhale, open your knees to both sides, continue to squat, inhale, palms close to your chest; ● exhaleQi, both knees extended to the ends to the extreme, the soles of the feet are relatively opposed, the spine is centered, look forward, hold for about 15 seconds, the body slowly upright.

Repeat pose 4?
5 times.

  Recommended posture 4: Latch type ● Kneel on both knees, stretch your right leg to the right, with your right foot in line with your left knee; ● Inhale, lift axially to both sides, parallel to the ground, exhale, torso and right armBend to your right leg, relax your head, and keep your body on a flat surface. Do not twist.

Hold your posture for 1 minute; ● inhale and straighten your body; ● exhale and relax your arms.

Change sides and repeat the exercise.
  Tips: 5 steps of emotional management ● Exercise ● Get close to nature ● Laugh from the bottom of your heart 3 times a day!

  ● Supplement vitamin B2, vitamin E, trace elements iron, copper ● 5 minutes a day, stop and try to breathe deeply.

Relieve dry eyes Computers eat cooked sesame seeds every day

Relieve dry eyes Computers eat cooked sesame seeds every day

People are sitting in front of computers and televisions for longer and longer. The “window” of the eyes cannot be taken care of for a long time. Naturally, symptoms such as dryness, blurred vision, and soreness and fatigue will occur.May cause blindness.

  Eating cooked sesame seeds daily is a great way to relieve dry eyes.

  Sesame is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, and glyceric acid, which is very helpful for alleviating dryness in the eyes. Traditional Chinese medicine calls dryness in the eyes as “inner dryness” and “deficiency”.

And sesame has the functions of nourishing and moisturizing, nourishing yin and nourishing liver, and can relieve dry eyes.

  Sesame has been considered as a strong and longevity food since ancient times. The ancient book “Best Doctors” has the words “strong bones, eyesight, thirst, and longevity.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and eyesight, moisturizing intestines and laxatives, and benefiting brain tumors. It can be used for liver and kidney replacement, with early whitening, blurred vision, and dry eyes.
  From the analysis of modern nutrition, sesame is rich in various nutrients required by the human body, its protein content is more than that of meat, its calcium content is twice that of milk, as well as vitamins A, D, E and rich B vitamins. TheseThey are all important substances to maintain the normal function of the eyes. Especially sesame is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and glyceric acid, all of which are unsaturated fatty acids. They are important constituents of human tissues and cells. If eaten regularly, they can make eyes brighter and brighter.

  Many foods now have sesame seeds. As long as you pay attention to choosing these foods, sometimes sesame paste, sesame paste, and some snacks are also used to replace sesame seeds. Some people squeeze sesame seeds into fine powder and put them in milk and other drinks.

  The simplest is to eat the sesame seeds directly. After cooking, the nutritional components of sesame seeds, such as protein and functional lipids, can be better absorbed by the human body, and many of the beneficial effects of sesame seeds can only exert their functions after being cooked.

Eat about one or two a day. If you don’t eat it every day, you can eat a little more.

Because sesame has an intestinal moisturizing effect, people with weak spleen and stomach should eat less.

The health damage of shoes and suggestions

The health damage of shoes and suggestions

The right shoes can make you feel slim and sexy, and the wrong shoes can make you miserable.

The latest article in the United States “Prevention” magazine published 4 kinds of common shoes that the experts summarized are harmful to health and made relevant suggestions.

  1.Wearing flip-flops is prone to fatigue.

American biomechanics expert Dr. Katie Bowman said that wearing flip-flops, unable to walk in large strides, can cause lower limb fatigue, increase toe pressure, tilt and crotch pressure, and increase the strength of the muscle groups behind the heels and legs.weak.

Experts recommend: When wearing slippers, you should stretch your back muscles to reduce toe pressure.

Straighten your feet apart, as wide as your hips, stretch them straight, then move one foot behind you and your toes to the ground.

After holding for a few seconds, change to the other side and repeat the action.

  2.High heels are prone to arthritis.

A 2011 Danish study found that high heels can increase the risk of osteoarthritis by a factor of six.

American foot doctor Dr. Howard Danenberg said that wearing high heels for a long time will also cause foot pain, which will increase the bone pressure by 2 times, increase the wear of the knee and tibia tissue, and increase the risk of arthritis.

Expert advice: Stretching the muscles daily can relieve foot pain caused by high heels.

Keep your feet apart and the same width as your cricket. Place a ball wrapped in a towel under your right foot and your right foot on the ground.

When you feel comfortable, take a small step forward with your left foot for 20-30 seconds.

  3.Wearing flat shoes can also hurt your feet.

Chicago foot doctor Dr. Megan Leahy said that flat shoes seem to be healthier than high heels, and in fact flat shoes like ballet shoes or canvas shoes can also cause foot pain.

Due to the economically necessary pads inside the shoes, the sole ligaments and Achilles tendons are overstretched, affecting the arches of the feet and causing plantar fasciitis.

Experts suggest: shoes should have a certain slope, preferably 2-3 cm.

Wearing flat shoes needs to strengthen the calf muscles that support the arch of the foot and do more toe exercises.

Raise the big toe and keep the rest of your toes still.

Swing your toes and rub your feet hard to help stimulate nerve endings and relax your feet.

Raise your paws 20 times per foot.

  4.Sneakers cause foot eversion.

Sneakers with hard soles are not conducive to natural bending. Over time, they can easily cause foot eversion, pressure on both knees and back, causing toe injury, tendonitis, and pain in the legs and crotch.

Experts suggest that you should strengthen the expected muscle groups around your feet and practice one-leg extension.

Straighten one leg and try to keep your body from swinging.

When you start practicing, you can hold it for 30 seconds, and then gradually extend the extension time.