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The dirt and dirt in the washing machine can not be ignored

The dirt and dirt in the washing machine can not be ignored

According to international data, the proportion of females infected with mold once was 75%, and the proportion of females infected with mold after treatment was still as high as 40%.

Mold is a great threat to women’s health.

For example, fungal vaginitis is difficult to cure.

If pregnant women are infected with mold, they can easily cause miscarriages, premature births and even stillbirths.

Many occurrences in daily life may lead to mold infection, cross-infection in other public places, use of unqualified female products, and self-imbalance.

  But do you know that the necessary washing machine in our daily life is also the deadly killer of white-collar women’s health?

  Case: Ms. Li (35 years old) recently felt discomfort in her lower body. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she had fungal vaginitis.

After telling the doctor about her lifestyle, the doctor advised her to go home and check the washing machine.

Ms. Li’s family of four has only one washing machine. It has been used for nearly three years and has never been cleaned between them. Because she is usually busy at work, all the clothes, shoes and socks of adults and children are put together in the house to clean.Add disinfectant when washing.

After listening to the doctor’s advice, Ms. Li asked the washing machine repair worker to go home for an inspection.

The moment she took out the washing machine tank, she was really frightened. The dirt on the wall and bottom of the washing machine was black and sticky. It was no wonder that she was getting sick with such a washing machine.

  The dirt and dirt in the washing machine tank cannot be ignored. According to the research of professional health institutions, the rate of bacteria exceeding the standard in household washing machines is as high as 81.

3%, of which the mold detection rate was 60.


The mold, also known as Candida albicans, is a rot parasite that normally lives on the skin, mucous membranes, digestive tract, and other organs of the human body. When the body’s resistance decreases, Candida albicans multiplies and reaches a certain amount, The human body will become ill.

  The mold that breeds in the washing machine tank is contaminated by contamination and contacts the human body to cause diseases, such as triggering fungal vaginitis.

Ms. Li was infected with mold because she wore clothes that had been contaminated by the washing machine.

  The washing machine can hide dirt and dirt, which is related to its structure.

Fully automatic washing machines generally have two inner and outer drums. What we usually see is only the inner drum. The washing machine tank that exists between the inner and outer drums is a place for dirt and dirt.

  Washing water flows between the washing machine tank and the inner cylinder. Over time, scale, free detergent, fiber fibers and dirt, human body organic impurities and other impurities will enter the internal tank wall, and continue to ferment at room temperature, and a layer of black is accumulated.Sticky dirt and stubborn dirt, and breed a lot of germs.

The longer the washing machine is used, the more dirt and germs accumulate, and the secondary pollution to clothes becomes more serious.

  Washing machine with dirt and germs Ms. Li learned from household appliance cleaning experts: Washing machines should be cleaned regularly.

At least every 2 months.

If domestic washing machines are adequately used, the corresponding cleaning frequency should also be increased.

And corrected the laundry misunderstanding: adding disinfectant when washing is not as effective as expected.

Because the disinfectant can only kill some bacteria on the laundry during the washing process, but it has no effect on the dirt attached to the washing machine tank itself, and can only remove the bacteria on its surface.

  Without removing the dirt, a large amount of germs wrapped in the dirt still exist; in addition, according to the current amount of disinfectant used when everyone was washing, the sterilization effect was significantly reduced after being replaced by washing water.

  Rest assured good laundry habits: wash the washing machine first, then the laundry.

  It is understood that there are the following methods for cleaning a washing machine: One way is to ask a professional washing machine maintenance worker to disassemble the washing machine for cleaning, just like Ms. Li.

However, this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and frequent disassembly also easily damages the machine.

  Another method is to use a professional washing machine tank cleaner. This type of product is targeted at the problem of washing machine tank pollution and has a good decontamination and bacteria removal effect.

However, remember to buy products with high sterilization rate when purchasing, so that the cleaning effect of the washing machine can be guaranteed.

  According to Xiaobian, the washing machine tank cleaner products have been upgraded to the second generation. The force-di-core technology plus active ingredients can ensure that the washing machine thoroughly cleans a bathtub.

For example, Jiaan 2nd generation washing machine tank cleaner.

  In addition, daily washing machine usage habits are also very important!

For example, undergarments, underwear and jackets are washed separately. It is best to wash them by hand to reduce cross-contamination between clothes and between the clothes and the washing machine. Place the washing machine on a ventilated, bright floor.

  Finally, after washing clothes, you should open the washing machine to ventilate and keep the inside dry to promote the volatilization of residual moisture and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Also, the clothes should be taken out immediately to dry and not stuffy inside.

For the rest of the washing machine with side-opening door, the water inserted in the washer in the doorway should be dried to avoid breeding mold. The washing machine should be avoided in the bathroom.  With the progress of society, women are playing an increasingly important role in work and family.

Therefore, you must pay attention to protect yourself from gynecological diseases while working hard.

Chuanbei cough medicine is not a panacea

Chuanbei cough medicine is not a panacea

Guide: It is easy to have a cough when you have a cold. However, the general symptoms are mild and it is not easy to cause people to recognize. Many people think that taking some Chuanbei cough medicine can be treated.

This is not the case.

Because the type of cough is still very likely to be particular, there are different cough medicines for each type, and not all can be solved by taking Chuanbei blindly.

Moreover, even the proprietary Chinese medicines named after Chuanbei are different in their use. Let me talk about the Chuanbei for everyone.

What is Chuanbei?

Chuanbei is a bulb of Liliaceae, Chuan Fritillary, Fritillaria Fritillaria, and Fritillaria Fritillaria. The first three are commonly referred to as “song shellfish” and “green shellfish” according to their shapes, and sometimes called “furnace”Shebei”, the most commonly seen in the market or drugstore is “Matsushi”.

Chuanbei has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the lungs, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and is mainly used for treating lung cough and deficiency cough.

At the same time, as the taste is not very bitter, it can be used as a diet therapy.

Chuanbei cough medicine has many indications. It is necessary to see clearly. Because Chuanbei cough medicine has good cough suppressant effect and its medicinal properties are peaceful, it is compatible with many Chinese patent medicines that use cough medicine to treat various types of cough.

At present, there are no less than 30 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines for treating cough, and there are many medicines named “chuanbei”. Other common ones are: “chuanbei cough syrup”, “chuanbei syrup”, “bezoar snake bile Sichuan””Shell solution”, “Shedan Chuanbei solution”, “Cough Chuanbei soup”, “Honey refining Chuanbei soup cream” and so on.

It can be said that Chuanbei cough medicine is accepted by the most common people. Drinking Chuanbei cough syrup after coughing has become the experience of many people.

Usually not all coughs can be treated with Chuanbei cough medicines, and even all proprietary Chinese medicines named after Chuanbei, but they are also used differently due to different prescriptions and dosages.

Some of the cough medicines named after Chuanbei mentioned above are mainly used for fever cough, such as wind-heat cough, dry-heat cough, and lung-fire cough.

The simple method is to look at the color and thickness of sputum. The common feature of fever cough is the thick yellow color of sputum, while the cold and white cough and deficiency cough are not suitable. Otherwise, the cough symptoms will not improve.It will even worsen the situation.

Recommended dietary therapy Chuanbei steamed Sydney: big pear cored, mixed with Chuanbei, rock sugar, steamed, can cure hot cough, chronic bronchitis.

Chuanbei Almond Juice: Cook 6 grams of Chuanbei and 3 grams of almonds with water (do not use an iron pan), first boil with fire, add rock sugar, and boil for 30 minutes with gentle fire, which can treat children with cough and sputum.

Chuanbei porridge: 10 grams of Chuanbei flour, 60 grams of rice before, the right amount of rock sugar, cook until the rice soup is not dense, add Chuanbei flour into the porridge, cook a little longer until the porridge is thick.

Warm daily morning and evening to treat chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cough and asthma.

4 kinds of wild vegetables that must be eaten in spring to eat healthier

4 kinds of wild vegetables that must be eaten in spring to eat healthier

Every March and April is a season of vigorous growth of wild vegetables. Especially in the countryside, it is easy to find wild vegetables such as leeks and purslane in the field. It is also beneficial to human health to eat some wild vegetables.

Xiaobian will check out the most suitable wild vegetables for you to eat in the spring.

Eating leeks in the early spring is just the beginning of blood pressure. At the beginning of winter and early spring, it is the season of fragrant leeks. Since ancient times, the Chinese people have had the habit of eating leeks.

Hypertensive patients eat some leeks at this time, lower blood pressure, and also enhance the body’s immune function, stomach and digestion.

However, although the nutritional value of amaranth is higher, the content of oxalic acid is relatively high. It needs to be poured in the water and then drained. The nutrients will also be lost, so it is not advisable to eat it every day, eat it a lot or eat it at a time.

Portulaca oleracea is a natural hypoglycemic vegetable implant. Western researchers have discovered and explored the health effects of the common wild vegetable of the purslane. It has been found to have the effect of regulating blood sugar and eliminating resistance in type 2 diabetes.And so on.

Domestic researchers believe that the hypoglycemic effect of Portulaca oleracea is likely to be related to the coarse teeth (P. oleracea polysaccharide) contained.

Initial work research work of domestic medical researchers confirmed that a variety of Chinese herbal medicines extracted from the binary have different degrees of hypoglycemic effect, so the purslane diversity is likely to be the result of lowering blood sugar.

There are too many edible methods related to purslane in Chinese folk.

Such as cold mixed purslane, the practice is: first wash the purslane, then boil it with boiling water, add a little salt, MSG and sesame oil and other seasonings mix and mix, you can serve as a table.

In addition, the purslane is chopped and ground together with the wheat noodles to form a cake, which has a flavor.

Portulaca oleracea can also be fried with shredded pork, egg and other leeks, and processed into a hot and spicy alternative.

Spring spleen and more to eat fragrant Chinese medicine believes that citron is a kind of yang food is very good, the temperature can replenish spleen yang, spring to spleen, it is best to eat some fragrant.

The most commonly eaten fragrant scrambled eggs can be eaten as a dish, but also rolled into a large cake.

In addition to these eating methods, you can also eat it frying. After the fragrant water is not cut, put it directly into the batter and hang it in a pan until it is cooked on both sides.

It should be noted that the content of nitrite in camphor is high, so be sure to buy fresh (the nitrite content will increase after continuous placement), and must be drowned before consumption.

In addition, the toon is a hair, and more food is easy to induce recurrence of dysentery, so patients with chronic diseases should eat less or not eat.

榆 健 健 健 健 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消 消

In the medical writings of the Song Dynasty, “The History of Warfare and Emergency Prepared Materia Medica” records: “The first birth of the pods, for the sake of cockroaches, makes people sleep more.

Modern research has found that the money contains a lot of niacin, ascorbic acid and inorganic salts, among which calcium and phosphorus are abundant, so it can help treat neurasthenia and insomnia.

Practice: rice or millet plus boiled porridge, wait until the rice will be cooked into the cleaned money, continue to cook 5?
8 minutes, you can add the right amount of seasoning to serve.

Steamed money and stomach and spleen money apply to spleen and stomach qi deficiency, spleen transport weakness caused by abdominal distension, loose stools, loss of appetite, fatigue and other symptoms, and promote gastric acid secretion and food digestion, can treat dietary stagnation.

Practice: Wash the money, mix it with cornmeal or white noodles, knead it into a wolf, and then steam it in a cage for half an hour.

Or mix the washed money with the flour, stir it evenly and steam it directly, then add salt and sesame oil to taste.

Finally, you need to remind everyone that eating wild vegetables has the following precautions: Do not eat wild vegetables, do not eat, determine whether they are toxic before eating, some wild plants contain highly toxic, lighter after eating, chest tightness, bloating, vomitingThe heavy ones will endanger life; due to the pollution of the growing environment, the factories, garbage dumps, polluted rivers, and wild vegetables growing in the waste water often contain toxins, which are not suitable for eating bitter wild vegetables, which are mostly cold and cold.Fire, but excessive consumption can destroy the spleen and stomach, so people with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat too much; wild vegetables contain high dietary fiber, infants and young children have weak digestion ability, and should not eat more.

Seven taboos to prevent ghost press before bed

Seven taboos to prevent ghost press before bed

In terms of preparation for sleep, posture and habits, we should also pay attention to the following taboos: 1. Avoid eating before going to bed: If you eat before going to bed, your stomach and stomach will be busy again, which will increase their burden, and other parts of the body.Part of it is not able to get a good rest, which not only affects falling asleep, but also damages health.

  2, avoid using the brain before going to bed: before going to bed, do something more relaxing to relax the brain, so that it is easy to fall asleep.

Otherwise, the brain is in an excited state, and it is difficult to fall asleep even in bed, and it is prone to insomnia for a long time.

  3. Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee before going to bed: strong tea, coffee is a stimulating drink, and it contains caffeine and other substances that can make people excited.

Drinking before going to bed can make it difficult to fall asleep.

  4, avoid talking before bedtime: because talking easily makes the brain excited, active thinking, which affects sleep.

  5. Avoid emotional excitement before going to bed: People’s moods, sorrows and sorrows can easily cause nerve center excitement or confusion, making it difficult for people to fall asleep and even causing insomnia.

  6, Jiu Jiu can not afford: Chinese medicine believes that “Lou Jiu Qi”, too much sleep will appear dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite.

  7, do not sleep when the wind: the room to maintain air circulation, but do not let the wind blow directly on the body.

Over time, cold air will invade from the veins, causing diseases such as cold and cold.

  Warm reminder, we must develop good living habits, achieve a regular life, fall asleep on time, get up and replace on time, etc .; avoid staying up late, maintain adequate sleep; maintain an optimistic attitude, etc. to avoid the “ghost bed”.

The diet of yoga

The diet of yoga

When you eat, your mental state is more important than what you eat.

If you eat jealously, happily, or if you eat with vigorous prevention and anxiety, then food will affect you differently.

  If you eat in a state of worry, even the best foods will have a toxic effect.

And if you eat with joy, then sometimes even the poison won’t work completely on you-that’s very possible.

So what mental state you are in when you eat is important.

  There was a great psychologist in Soviet Russia called Pavlov.

He did some experiments on animals and got a surprising imitation of the opposite sex.

He experimented on cats and dogs.

He gave the cat food and then he observed the cat through an X-ray machine to see what happened to its stomach after it had finished eating the food.

When food enters the stomach, the stomach immediately releases digestive juices.

At the same time a dog is taken to the window of the room where the cat is located.

The cat became scared when the dog barked, and the X-ray machine showed that its secretion of digestive fluid had stopped.

The stomach closed and contracted.

The dog was then taken away, but its stomach remained in the same condition for six hours.

The process of food digestion did not begin again and the food remained undigested in the stomach for six hours.

After six hours, when the digestive fluid began to flow again, the food was not in a digestible state: it had become hard and difficult to digest.

When the cat’s mind became worried about the dog’s appearance, the stomach stopped working.

  What about your situation?

—You live in worry 24 hours a day.

How the food you eat is digested and how there is your intervention to handle the food is a miracle!

You have no expectation of digesting it.

How it is digested is totally a miracle.

And how you stay alive is also a miracle!

Your state of mind should be grateful and joyful.

  But the table in our home is in its most sinful state.

The wife waits for her husband to come home for dinner all day, and the emotional morbidity she has accumulated in the twenty-four hours erupts while her husband is eating.

She didn’t know she was doing an enemy job.

She didn’t know that she was providing the toxin on her husband’s plate.

  And the husband was afraid and worried after working all day-he found a way to pour food into his stomach and then leave.

He didn’t know that his quick end and escape from it should be a prayer.

That is not an action that should be done in a hurry.

It should be done in the same way as someone enters it, as someone kneels and prays, as someone sits and plays his instrument, or as someone sings a song for a lover.

This action is more important: he is giving food to his body.

It should be done in a state of great joy.

It should be an act of love and prayer.

  The happier and more joyful and relaxed and worried a person is when he eats, the more his food will start to become the right food.

How to distinguish the good and the bad from Liuwei Dihuang Wan

How to distinguish the good and the bad from Liuwei Dihuang Wan

Chinese medicine practitioners of all ages believe that the quality of Chinese medicines determines the quality of proprietary Chinese medicines.

Only qualified high-quality medicinal materials, that is, “authentic medicinal materials” respected by traditional Chinese medicine, can produce proprietary Chinese medicines of the same quality. The so-called “good medicinal materials, good medicine”!

  ”Authentic medicinal materials” refer to Chinese medicinal materials with a long history, excellent varieties, and outstanding clinical efficacy in specific production areas (soil, climate).

  Huaibei Beibei, traditional Chinese medicinal materials from different origins, the quality varies greatly.

  ”Authentic herbs” has become a popular secret of Zhongjing Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

The manufacturer Wanxi Pharmaceutical has a unique geographical advantage. The main Dihuang, yam comes from Henan’s famous “Four Big Huai” production areas-Jiaozuo, Henan, and dogwood comes from the Funiu Mountain, Henan where Wanxi Pharmaceutical is located.This has been highly respected.

Wanxi Pharmaceutical took the lead in establishing a standardized medicinal material base in accordance with national standards, becoming the only manufacturer in its class with a pure medicinal material base.

“Good medicine, good medicine”, this is Wanxi Pharmaceutical’s consistent intermediate!

  In the preparation process of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine types such as big honey pills, water honey pills, and water pills are only made by crushing medicinal materials and using honey or water as a binder.

The traditional Chinese medicine concentrated pills are a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, which not only reflects the advanced nature of modern pharmaceutical technology, but also maintains the advantages of traditional decoctions.

  Zhongjing Liuwei Dihuang Pill produced by Wanxi Pharmaceutical uses a multi-functional extraction tank to retain the essence of authentic medicinal materials, which is concentrated at low temperature to a clear paste and refined by microwave drying technology.

Modern pharmaceutical technology makes medicines more pure and has more significant curative effects. It can be seen that concentrated Liuwei Dihuang Wan is a rising star in the Liuwei family.

Compared with traditional dosage forms, concentrated pills are small in volume, small in dosage, easy to carry, do not add any preservatives, maintain the natural characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and meet the needs of modern people returning to nature and advocating nature.

When do parents reject baby stickiness

When do parents reject baby stickiness

[Guide]When a baby feels unsafe, he will look for a mother. This is a manifestation of the baby’s inner need for protection.

Baby sticking to people has a similar reason.

Experts believe that this issue should be viewed with “15 months” as the dividing line.

A baby 15 months ago can pet him at will. Some people think that the child sticks because his emotional needs are not met. Once it is satisfied, it is difficult for you to make him stick to you. Others think that a child who is too sticky has poor independence.The more the adult follows him, the more he will promote his sense of dependence, so he must be rejected.

“When you treat a child 15 months ago, you can spoil him at will. You will not spoil him, but you can also establish a secure attachment relationship with you (parents).

“Experts said.

In fact, whether a baby can form a safe and stable attachment relationship is about 1 year old.

At this time, if parents can get along with their children alternately, give them meticulous care, respond to their crying, smiling and other behaviors quickly and reasonably, and even enhance parent-child relationship, and increase the baby’s sense of security.Will affect his ability to communicate with others later and courage to explore new things.

But if the responsibility of caring for children is too concentrated on one person, the child will also be overly dependent on that person.

Experts remind that while mothers take care of their children actively, they must balance the opportunities for other members of the family, especially dads, to take care of their children.

Children’s adherence or refusal varies from person to person. For children older than 15 months, parents should obey or refuse, they should be treated differently according to different situations.

● Insufficient security The parents of this kind of children are mostly working class. They usually take too little care of their children and do not communicate with their children.When parents leave their eyes, they are extremely scared and cry.

Suggestion: Try to spend as much time as possible with the child, even if you have to leave, and let the child understand what he understands: I just leave temporarily and come back later.

It is best to make an appointment with your baby before leaving each time, and be punctual; especially when the child is in trouble, the parents’ timely love language and touch are their strong backing.

● Less contact with outsiders During parenting, parents are not too concerned about bringing their children into contact with the external environment and personnel, and rarely invite friends to come and stay at home, so that children rarely have the opportunity to communicate with strangers, and have never experienced interaction with outsidersHappiness, so they often stick to their parents too much because of fear of the outside world.

Suggestion: Help your child gradually reach the outside.

First let the child contact outsiders in a familiar environment (in some homes). When first contacting outsiders, parents can hold the child’s hand or hold him tightly, so that he can avoid emotional excitement with a sense of security.When the child sees the stranger flinching, he must hold him tight and give him a sense of security.

● Psychological dependence causes children’s sense of dependence to be stronger due to too much or too much dodging from family to large, and over time, it will affect their independence.

Among them, some children may not be confident or even withdraw when faced with new things, new surroundings or strangers, and some children may be arbitrary and domineering due to indulgence, affecting interpersonal communication.

Suggestion: 10 months, 1 year, 2 years . The child will have many periods of persistence.

Why is he persistent?

It is to reflect his independence in thought and behavior.

At this time, the parent must avoid intervention and overdo it, otherwise, he will gradually lose the need to take responsibility, resulting in increasing psychological dependence; if the child already has a strong sense of dependence, the parent should learn to refuse and ignore himThe sticky behavior can also attract him to do things independently through game games, and praise him for every improvement in time.

If the child is too sticky to satisfy his emotional needs, parents should pay attention to the following issues when treating sticky children: 1. Try to satisfy the child’s emotional needs rather than material needs.

Sometimes the child knows that he can wear shoes, but coquettishly asks his mother to help him wear them.

In fact, the true nature of children is just to get care from you.

At this time, you should not hinder him and say, “Mom loves you so much. You should wear good shoes quickly. Mom is waiting for you at the door!”

“2. Parents who usually take their children by the elderly or nanny, it is best to be alone with the children after returning home.

3. Don’t scare the child with words like “you cry again, I don’t want you anymore”, otherwise, the child will only be more afraid and stickier to you.

4. Don’t cheat children.

It is better for the child to cry and see you leave than to lie to him to sneak away, otherwise, it will only make the child more worried.

Some people are not suitable for eating black garlic, what are the taboos for eating black garlic?


Some people are not suitable for eating black garlic, what are the taboos for eating black garlic?

Three high population: Black garlic belongs to the three methods of therapeutic conditioning. Some medicines are black garlic without impurities, and it is more convenient to eat. 2-3 heads per day (severe cases need to be properly added).

Cerebral thrombosis population: Black garlic has better effect on clearing blood clots, effectively controlling and preventing thrombosis, and dissolving thrombus.

People with poor resistance: Black garlic is a natural bactericidal effect and is known as 鈥渘atural antibiotics鈥?

It has no abnormalities and is a natural strongener for human circulation and nervous system. China, Egypt, India and other countries have used black garlic as both food and traditional medicine.

Cerebrovascular disease: Cardio-cerebral vascular disease is one of the major enemies that endanger human life. The allicin contained in black garlic is its natural nemesis. In the pathogenesis, cholesterol and triglycerides occupy an important position, but in garlic.The active ingredient can lower its concentration in the blood and increase the high density lipoprotein beneficial to human health.

Poor sleep population: Black garlic regulates human physiology, restores balance and effectively promotes sleep.

Constipation and indigestion: Black garlic can promote rehabilitation, eliminate the loss of appetite during menopause, and regulate constipation.

15 tricks to make your face glow with sleep


15 tricks to make your face glow with sleep

Sleep is the best way for the human body to eliminate fatigue. If you can achieve “15 ways to sleep beauty”, it will definitely glow in the morning.


hzh {display: none; }  1、晚餐中尽量避免或少量摄取盐分及酒,以免晨起时面部及眼睛四周浮肿。  2. Clean your face and make-up thoroughly before going to bed. If you do not clean it properly, it will easily make your eyes red and swollen.

Apply a cotton ball to the eye cleansing solution, put it on the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 seconds, and then wipe gently with cotton.

  3. Press the teabag soaked in wet water for 10 minutes before going to bed, and then apply eye cream.

  4, oily or acne-prone skin, you may wish to try using the mask all night, will have amazing results.

  5. Rough curly hair should be washed during the day, let it air dry naturally, and there will be no hairy hair in the morning.

  6. After washing your face, use a cotton ball to drench “Convergence Lotion” and apply the lotion before sleeping.

  7, after washing the face, use “lip peeling cream” to remove the dead skin of the lips, and then apply lip oil to prevent lips from drying.

  8. Apply the conditioner without washing on the root of the hair, massage it carefully, and have a black hair in the morning.

  9. Use a ribbon to loosely tie the hair roots before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, just comb a little, and your hair will appear fluffy and full.

  10, have enough sleep every day, the face is naturally more beautiful.

Apply vitamin E oil to the base of the nails, massage gently, and then massage your hands with hand cream.

  11. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, and then apply lotion on your feet. Massage with your hands on your toes, soles, and feet.

  12. Straighten your toenails for 5 seconds before you go to bed, then bend for 5 seconds, and do 5 times for each foot.

  13. After bathing, massage the whole body with moisturizer or oil, and then put on cotton pajamas or bathrobes that have been dried for 10 minutes.

The temperature on the clothes will be completely absorbed by the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

  14. People who are prone to insomnia do not prevent drinking milk before going to bed because of the effect of rotten nerves contained in milk.

  15. Get plenty of sleep every day and don’t stay for 8 hours.

  If you can do the above, it won’t be long before you will be overjoyed to change your appearance.

Experts remind health care to eat Chinese medicine taboo


Experts remind health care to eat Chinese medicine taboo

Huasheng News, Luzhou City, Massachusetts News: The Cambridge Chinese School of Massachusetts, January 21, an antique Chinese medicine health lecture, Huang Tao, an associate professor from the Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that one of the core ideas of TCM health care is maintenance.Qi, God, and other regular physical examinations and self-examination are also irreplaceable tasks to ensure good health.

銆€銆€According to North America’s “World Journal” report, Huang Tao, a visiting scholar at Harvard University Affiliated Hospital, pointed out that the causes of TCM theory include internal factors, external factors and environmental factors, emotional and dietary regulation, and hot and cold factors.

She pointed out that regular physical examinations and self-examinations are known to be ill and are especially important for health.

銆€銆€Huang Tao suggested that regular physical examinations should be conducted at least once a year, and specific populations should be examined in a targeted manner.

She said that men over the middle age need to check the liver, gallbladder, lungs regularly, women of childbearing age should be examined for the breast, menopausal women should check whether the cervix has abnormal changes.

In addition, you should also self-examine according to your daily body feelings, pay attention to appetite, sleep, energy changes, abnormal pain, worry, and odor symptoms.

銆€銆€Common discomforts include bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, irregular motility, regular physical pain without obvious causes, fatigue, lack of obvious causes, reduced resistance, excessive sleep time or insomnia.

Huang Tao also suggested that the family should prepare their own sphygmomanometer and measure blood pressure at any time.

銆€銆€Regarding the precautions for taking Chinese medicine, Huang Tao pointed out that mainly Chinese medicine should be taken on an empty stomach, some medicines should be in accordance with the doctor’s advice; should not eat spicy greasy food when taking, do not put tea, radish at the same time.

She is particularly outstanding. Except for doctor’s prescription guidance or supplemental drugs, most Chinese medicines should stop after they are sick and should not be taken for a long time.

Huang Tao also said that Chinese medicine is not without replacement. Some Chinese medicines have a wide variety of products. Don’t mess with them. You should listen to doctors’ opinions.

銆€銆€Huang Tao pointed out that the core ideas of TCM health care include health care spirit, reconciliation of yin and yang, dredge meridians, regulators and solid five internal organs, of which spiritual rehabilitation is important.